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Ukrenergo reported the hours of possible power outages for household consumers

ByJohn Newman

May 9, 2024

During this Thursday, May 9, Ukraine will be forced to import electricity from the networks of Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, in a total volume of about 16,699 MW/hour.

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Photo – 24tv.ua

About the fact that Over the past 24 hours, a significant shortage has been recorded in the energy system, and therefore potential rolling blackouts are possible not only for businesses and enterprises, writes NBN, referring to the official Facebook profile of Ukrenergo.

As it became known, on Thursday evening, from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., the introduction of capacity limitation schedules will be initiated, not only for industrial consumers. In particular, if the scale of consumption does not stop increasing in the near future, then it is very likely that an emergency “fan” blackout will occur, which will affect the population, that is, the country’s household consumers.

Earlier, our information portal wrote about this , that the Ministry of Energy explained the need to increase the tariff for electricity for the population.


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