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Ukrenergo reported the time when electricity should be saved to avoid rolling blackouts

ByJohn Newman

Apr 17, 2024

At the moment, power engineers are repairing thermal power plants destroyed by a massive missile strike by the Russian Federation, and other power system capacities are not running due to certain factors.

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В «Ukrenergo&ra quo; reported the time when you should save electricity to avoid rolling blackouts

Photo – radiosvoboda.org

About the fact that for the reason cold snap, rains and strong gusts of wind, the scale of electricity consumption has increased noticeably, and therefore it is necessary to start saving, writes NBN, referring to the warning published in the Ukrenergo Telegram channel.

As it became known, on the morning of Wednesday, April 17, the level of energy consumption increased by 6.5 percent, compared with the same indicator on Tuesday, April 16.

Ukrenergo emphasizes— To cover such dynamics, the additional inclusion of 3-4 units at thermal power plants (TPPs) is required, but at this stage this possibility is not available, since TPPs have become key targets for missile attacks by a terrorist state.

Energy engineers summarized: tonight, from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock, you should consume electricity in an economical mode, which will prevent global power outages throughout Ukraine.

Earlier, we wrote about  whether it is possible to raise gas tariffs due to Russian attacks on underground storage facilities.


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