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US Senate approval of the border agreement: Biden names a new deadline

ByJohn Newman

Jan 20, 2024

Previously, Republican congressmen set a condition that they would agree to extend financial support for Ukraine (about $61 billion) only after the Democratic Party and the White House accept radical changes in US migration policy, in particular in legislation about borders.

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Approval by the US Senate of the border agreement: Biden named a new term


The fact that with the arrival of next week, the leaders of the factions in the US Senate are likely to reach an agreement on borders and immigration reform, NBN writes, referring to the Friday statement of US President Joseph Biden, published by Ukrinform.

According to Biden, his administration, having been at the negotiating table for several weeks, has been working on an agreement with a bipartisan group of senators, including a decision on borders, and therefore the American leader believes – with  coming Monday, January 22, the Senate “may come up with something,” and he hopes “it will be a bipartisan package.”

However, there are still some questions about  positions of Speaker Mike Johnson and Republicans in the House of Representatives regarding their readiness for action.

We previously wrote about Biden has voiced when additional aid for the could be agreed upon  Ukraine.


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