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Yevlash gave an explanation regarding Russian drones of “unidentified type”

ByJohn Newman

Apr 29, 2024

Speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Major Ilya Yevlash gave an explanation regarding Russian drones of “unidentified type” reported during enemy air attacks.

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Photo – ria.ru

On the air of the national telethon, the speaker of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained that sometimes during air attacks by Russian occupation forces on our country, military personnel have limited time to identify the types of UAVs launched by the enemy, NBN informs.

According to the major, this is due to the short time it takes for the drones to approach, because due to the short period of time the drones remain in the air space, it is quite difficult to establish their type.

Evlash recalled that when the Russians struck UAVs at cities in the south, in particular Nikolaev, not much time had passed since the launch. The occupiers attacked with drones from the occupied territory of the Kherson region and only half an hour passed to the landing site. Therefore, it was difficult to establish which drones were flying.

A representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that experts are now establishing the type of five UAVs that the Russian Armed Forces attacked on the night of Sunday, April 28. However, as the major noted, there is no need to look for sensations here; the enemy probably struck with kamikaze “Shahed” drones.

We recall that the regional military administration and the State Emergency Service spoke about the consequences of the drone strike on Nikolaev on April 28.


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