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You can’t “warm up” with alcohol in the cold: the Ministry of Health has debunked a popular myth

ByJohn Newman

Jan 8, 2024

There is an opinion that alcoholic drinks help keep you warm in the cold. The Ministry of Health debunked the popular myth about such a “life hack”, explaining the dangers of drinking alcohol in cold weather.

You can't keep warm with alcohol in the cold: the Ministry of Health has debunked a popular myth

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Ministry of Health specialists said that drinking “strong drinks” on frosty days only gives a deceptive feeling that you have become warmer. In fact, under the influence of alcohol, the nervous reactions that give signals to the body about hypothermia slow down. As a result, a person loses control over the feeling of cold, reports NBN.

According to experts, drinking alcohol temporarily dilates blood vessels on the surface of the body, a person becomes hot, and he begins to unbutton or remove outer clothing, which leads to to rapid cooling.

In addition, a sober person, feeling the cold, moves to warm up. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, a person can simply fall asleep on the street, which at best will result in frostbite of the extremities, at worst – death.

The Ministry of Health noted that “strong drinks” can really relieve vascular spasms and increase blood circulation after a long exposure to the cold, but only when the person is in a warm room and not outside.

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