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Zelensky named two factors that will help radically change the course of the war in Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Feb 24, 2024

The Office of the President of our country still does not intend to consider any possibility regarding peace negotiations with a terrorist state, since such a decision would only mean the “gradual death of Ukraine,” but they know very well that will help speed up the victory over Putin’s army.

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Zelensky named two factors that will help radically change the course of the war in Ukraine

Photo – screenshot of a YouTube video.

About the fact that the only way that will help bring the end of the war as close as possible, Bankova sees in carrying out new counter-offensive actions by the Ukrainian army, as well as what changes in the current strategy can contribute to this, writes NBN, referring to the statement Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak, aired on the Radio Liberty YouTube channel.

According to Podolyak, at this stage of the war, Ukraine has only two things that need to be completed:

  • the first is an audit of all available resources;
  • the second  — the negotiation process with the partner countries, which have become much clearer and analytically aware of what is necessary at this stage [of the war], that is, they are already “politically ready to provide Ukraine with a certain amount of resources.”

Adviser to the head of the OPU added: as soon as the above components can be combined, then Ukraine will receive an understanding of where, when and how the counter-offensive activity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be carried out, but the fact that it will take place – “you can’t” doubt, because there are no other options to end the war, except for the collapse of the front line, tactical defeats of Russia.”

Podolyak summed up:

Everything else is fiction.

Earlier we wrote about that Podolyak said whether Navalny’s death will be an impetus for the transfer of weapons to Ukraine.


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