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Zelensky said what he thinks about Macron’s proposal for the Olympic truce

ByJohn Newman

Apr 22, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky spoke about the initiative of French leader Emmanuel Macron for the Olympic Truce. The president said that he does not believe in such a ceasefire format.

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Zelensky said what he thinks about Macron's Olympic Truce proposal

Photo – president. gov.ua

In an interview with Hugo Decrypt, the Ukrainian leader, commenting on the proposal of the head of France to cease hostilities for the period of the Summer Olympic Games, said that he does not believe in any format of a truce with a terrorist state, informs “BNN.”

According to Zelensky, Macron knows that it is impossible to “freeze” the conflict with the aggressor country, since the French leader remembers the situation with the signing of agreements in the Normandy format.

Guarantor stressed that the Russian occupation forces will certainly use any temporary cessation of hostilities to regroup and provide additional forces to destroy the Ukrainians.

Earlier, Macron’s call for an Olympic truce was commented on in the Kremlin. Representative of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov accused Ukraine of escalating hostilities.


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