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Zelensky spoke about Washington’s reaction to Ukraine’s attacks on Russian infrastructure

ByJohn Newman

Mar 30, 2024

Earlier, information appeared in the foreign media – the White House strongly recommended that Bankova stop attacks on the oil infrastructure of the Russian Federation due to the likely increase in the global value of “black gold” and the possible provocation of retaliatory attacks by the Kremlin.

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Zelensky spoke about Washington’s reaction to Ukraine’s attacks on the infrastructure of the Russian Federation

Photo – Ed Ram for The Washington Post

About the how Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky commented on the issue regarding the above-described calls from the United States, writes NBN, citing The Washington Post.

According to Zelensky, American functionaries actually warned Ukraine regarding attacks on energy facilities in the Russian Federation, in particular, showing a rather negative response to the use of attack drones by our country against oil refineries of a terrorist state.

The leader of our country emphasized that in such a situation, no one has the right to tell Ukraine “that this cannot be done.”

Also, Zelensky is confident Ukraine will be able to stop the Russian Federation’s attacks on its energy system only forcing the Kremlin to pay an identical price, because if there is no air defense to cover the sky over our energy system, and the “liberators” are constantly attacking it, “then my question is why can’t we answer them?” p>

The President of Ukraine summarized:

Their society [the Russian Federation] must learn to live without gasoline, without diesel fuel, without electricity… It's fair… When the Russian Federation stops such steps, we will stop too.

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