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Zelensky told what helped Ukraine solve the problem with an acute shortage of ammunition for artillery

ByJohn Newman

Mar 29, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky said that this winter the Ukrainian Armed Forces had almost zero reserves of ammunition for artillery, describing how Ukraine managed to cope with this crisis.

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Zelensky said what helped Ukraine to solve the problem of an acute shortage of ammunition for artillery

Photo – president.gov.ua

The Guarantor said in an interview with CBS that in December, the Ukrainian troops had almost no artillery shells left, which is due to the delay in assistance from Washington, NBN reports.

According to the Ukrainian leader, the situation with the ammunition crisis in the Ukrainian Armed Forces was facilitated by the mass production of drones of varying power and range , which was launched in our country a year earlier.

Zelensky admitted that the Russian invaders took advantage of the problem of shortage of artillery ammunition among the Defense Forces to completely destroy Avdiivka, Donetsk region.

President added that Ukraine was able to get through the winter also thanks to its allies in the United States and Europe, who helped Kiev with missiles for air defense.

Also in the interview, the guarantor said that the aggressor President Vladimir Putin could transfer hostilities to the territory NATO. Zelensky named the countries for which such a threat exists.


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