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Zhdanov spoke about the “worst dream” for the United States regarding Russia

ByJohn Newman

Jan 5, 2024

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that the collapse of the Russian Federation frightens the United States. According to him, this development of events is the “worst dream” for Washington, which is considering two options for countering the terrorist state.

Zhdanov spoke about the “worst dream” for the United States regarding Russia

Photo – svoboda.org

Zhdanov said that the American leadership is now trying to create unfavorable conditions for the Russian Federation, but such that they do not end in the collapse of an aggressive country, informs “NBN” with reference to “Channel 24”.

According to a military expert, the collapse of the Russian Federation is “the worst dream” for Washington, since such a development of events could bring negative consequences for America itself.

For this reason, as Zhdanov notes, the US authorities are considering two scenarios for countering an aggressive country. The first option is to create conditions for a change of power in the Russian Federation. The second is to create an economic situation in the Russian Federation, which would lead to internal fluctuations in the terrorist state, but would not allow its collapse.

Recall that the leaders of European countries are thinking about a plan to support Ukraine in the war against Russian occupiers in case , if Donald Trump comes to power in the United States and Washington refuses to help Kyiv.


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