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The Hardkiss commented on Yulia Sanina's divorce

Recently, the Network was disrupted by unexpected information about the possible divorce of the leaders of the Ukrainian rock group “The Hardkiss” Yulia Sanina and Val Bebko. Note that speculation began after blogger Bogdan Bespalov spoke about problems in the relationship between the band’s frontwoman and the creative producer and guitarist, writes WomanEL.

According to Bespalov, Yulia and Val are faced with a serious crisis, which may lead to divorce. Unfortunately, the blogger did not disclose the source of this information. Today, the representative of “The Hardkiss” Egor Kiryanov decided to speak out about these rumors.

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Today there is no Ukrainian who has not lived through a difficult period. But rumors of divorce are not true. We believe that there are enough more important topics for discussion in the country than Yulia’s personal life,

he noted in his comment.

The Hardkiss reject rumors that the band's leaders are divorcing. Source: instagram/the_hardkiss

This is not the first time the public has learned about problems in the personal life of the group leader. Julia herself has previously admitted that their relationship periodically experiences difficulties. It should be noted that blogger Bespalov also added fuel to the fire, claiming that Sanina understands that “their relationship is coming to a logical conclusion,” and pointing out Val’s dominant role in their tandem.

Despite these statements, “The Hardkiss” continues to create and delight fans with his music. And their creative life remains in the spotlight. By the way, we recently showed how Yulia Sanina poses in a sexy festive outfit.

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