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Good advice: what you need to do before the New Year

A few hours before the New Year, WomanEL gives good advice on what you definitely need to do, because for many Ukrainians this holiday is a kind of milestone when they need to take stock and determine plans for the future.

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Despite the difficult times, the last moments of preparing for the holiday and saying goodbye to the outgoing year are passing. This is a very important time, because you need to have time to do everything that you didn’t manage to do in the past year.

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Say goodbye

Think about what (or who) you want to leave behind in the past year. Perhaps you should say goodbye to old things, an inappropriate sofa in the hallway, an annoying painting. Or maybe you want to say goodbye to a person who doesn't make you happy. Probably everyone will find something to leave in the year that is already passing.


We so often accumulate grievances. The beginning of the New Year is the best time to forgive everyone you were offended by and start your relationship with a new letter.

You should not enter the new year with a heavy heart. It is better to mentally apologize to all offenders and draw certain conclusions about these people. Call the person with whom you have not communicated for a long time due to some insults.

Say important words. Perhaps you want to open up to someone about your feelings or you can’t decide to make peace with an old friend.

Compose or write a letter of gratitude. Remember what good things happened to you this year, in the world around you. Give thanks, starting with your loved ones for simply having them, ending with your enemies who pushed you to be better.

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What we are not too satisfied with, but what we cannot say goodbye to, we just have to accept. For example, a loved one’s habit of throwing their things around the apartment. Mom's habit of lecturing you. The whims of a child, the miracles of the authorities and much more.


Think, maybe you promised someone and forgot about it? Or did they simply not repay the debt? It is best to resolve these issues by the New Year. If you can't do it completely, do it at least partially.

On New Year's Eve you can become a wizard yourself. Buy a gift for a child from a family in need. Donate even a symbolic amount of money for treatment of a sick person, bring a bag of groceries to an elderly neighbor. Or help your four-legged friends survive the cold.


Take care of gifts for loved ones, parents, and friends in advance. To like them, you need to think about them in advance. For a festive atmosphere, do not forget to pack gifts with bright paper and colorful ribbons.

It is important to create a New Year's mood for loved ones.

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How much good this year has brought! Remember the most pleasant moments, feel their warmth and joy. Do a little self-reflection to improve in the future. These steps can help create a positive attitude and readiness for a new stage in your life.


Don't forget to thank the people who helped you and yourself for everything you have done this year. Sincerely thank the passing year for everything it brought.

We so often forget to say Thank you, we simply accept the gifts of fate, use them and forget about them. But if we accept everything with gratitude, there will be many more pleasant moments, you’ll see…

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