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Masha Efrosinina appeared without makeup and received hate

Popular presenter and blogger Masha Efrosinina decided to share with her fans what she looks like before and after makeup. The star posted a collage on Instagram, where she compared her natural look and the image created thanks to the art of makeup, writes WomanEL.

In the photo with makeup, Masha focuses on her eyes and cheekbones, and paints her lips with a soft pink shade of lipstick . Her loyal fans could not resist complimenting her, noting that regardless of makeup, the presenter always looks irresistible.

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However, some subscribers expressed doubts and accused the star of using Photoshop. And they pointed out the possibility of retouching. Likewise, some expressed outrage, pointing out that such publications were inappropriate during the war in Ukraine. One commentator noted that in some regions of the country people do not have an abundance of food, and the occupiers are destroying cities. It has been noted that such content causes frustration among those in difficult conditions. Most of Masha's fans defended her, noting that everyone needs to rest. And its content is useful and interesting.

Masha Efrosinina shared her impeccable appearance with fans, provoking discussion in the context of war.Masha Efrosinina shared her impeccable appearance with fans, provoking discussion in the context of war. Source: instagram.com/mashaefrosinina

Network reaction:

  • Maria, some people have nothing to eat, people don’t wash for months, the occupiers are erasing entire cities and villages from the map. And you post photos with makeup;
  • Without makeup you look much younger and prettier;
  • Why photoshop if you have Botox, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid, etc. Masha, I respect you very much, but be frank towards the end then;
  • You are always beautiful;
  • Simply incredible;
  • And not a drop of photoshop;
  • Before – much nicer and more natural!
  • It’s very good without makeup;
  • The photo on the left seems to be all natural, but not everything at all. Dyed hair + eyebrow work + beauty injections. Therefore, both photos are not 100% natural beauty.

The star has not yet responded to comments and reserves the right to express herself both in the field of beauty and in the context of the difficult events taking place in Ukraine. By the way, recently Masha Efrosinina emotionally revealed Ostapchuk’s lies.

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