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Not for the impressionable: Amy Schumer showed what she looks like in real life

42-year-old American actress Amy Schumer is well known for her sharp wit and comedic flair. She recently took to Instagram to share a candid and humorous look at her life.

The star posted a topless selfie taken in her bathroom, which playfully showed her in just her underwear, with her hair slicked back and without makeup, reports WomanEL.

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She smiled and took an animated pose, joking about her post-pregnancy body:

Still there (40 extra pounds ).

New publication by Amy Schumer. Source: Instagram

Schumer's friends and fans appreciated her humor and frankness. They also praised the star for her honesty and courage.

Note that fans are looking forward to seeing Amy in the upcoming Jerry Seinfeld film Unfrosted, where she will undoubtedly present her unique combination on screen humor and authenticity.

Previously, the actress was included in the list of those who supported Israel after the deadly attack.

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