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Either Zaluzhny or his wife: the Ukrainian got excited by buying a flag with the general’s signature for 160 thousand UAH

A specific episode occurred at a charity auction dedicated to supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where one Ukrainian decided to purchase a flag with the signature of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny for 160 thousand hryvnia. However, as it turned out, his emotional decision to help the army faced a negative reaction from his wife, writes WomanEL.

Volunteer and ex-TV presenter Sergei Pritula spoke about this curious story in a new interview. The man who paid a significant amount for the flag subsequently contacted the auction organizers, demanding his money be returned. The reason was unexpected. The merchant's wife was categorically against such an expensive purchase and even threatened with divorce.

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At a concert with Anton Timoshenko, he sold a flag with Zaluzhny’s signature for 160 thousand hryvnia. A few days later, the man who bought the banner said that he did it without the consent of his wife. “Well, my wife is threatening divorce. Give me back my money”. I said a woman has no heart. Yes, he paid dearly, but, damn it, this is a flag with Zaluzhny’s signature,

Pritula recalled.

Note that stand-up comedian Anton Timoshenko decided to help the man get out of this difficult situation by giving him money for a flag purchased at auction. In general, this story became not only an anecdote, but also a unique reflection of how life situations can influence various aspects of our lives, including charity and support for the military.

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