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Edible underwear SKIMS: an original gift for Valentine's Day

In a bold move for Valentine's Day, fashion brand SKIMS, co-founded by Kim Kardashian, has introduced an unexpected product in its line: edible underwear, reports WomanEL, citing a Page Six source.

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Diving into the gifts and experiences market, this collection aims to provide a unique and intimate option for couples looking to enhance their festive moments.

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SKIMS Valentine's Day Collection

SKIMS' Valentine's Day Collection offers a range of products that keep the theme of love and romance alive. As is typical for the brand, the collection includes traditional items such as underwear and concealer. However, the main element of this collection that sets it apart from others is the edible underwear.

Edible underwear: new

Edible underwear offered by SKIMS is a new product that promises to provide a playful and sensual experience to its consumers. The versatile set, priced at $34 for the bra and $24 for the thong, is made from candy, making it perfectly suitable for consumption during intimate moments. Neatly packaged in a pink gift box and adorned with SKIMS' signature candy hearts, the product stands out as a great offering from the fashion brand.

Edible Underwear SKIMS. Source: Page Six

Additional Offers and Market Trends

In addition to the edible lingerie, the SKIMS Valentine's Day collection also includes a «Play Set», which contains a satin blindfold and batag for those who want to celebrate Valentine's Day a little more spicy. This launch aligns with SKIMS' reputation for innovative products that spark conversations, demonstrating the brand's understanding of market trends and its ability to meet the growing demand for gifts that deliver impactful experiences.

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