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How the group “Bez obmezhen” explained cooperation with the Grinkevichs

The group “Bez obmezhen” made a comment about its former collaboration with the Grinkevich family foundation “Hope.UA”. The statement was published in the “Cultural Laundry” telegram channel, writes WomanEL.

The PR manager of the team, Yuliana Koretskaya, emphasized that “Bez obmezhen” personally controlled all the funds raised during joint events with the HOPE UA foundation in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The representative noted that the leader of the group, Sergei Tanchynets, is not an ambassador of the Grinkevich family foundation and does not have information on criminal incidents related to the case of supplying low-quality clothing to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for almost 1 billion UAH.

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The foundation offered cooperation. We, of course, agreed to carry out some projects together, covering the needs 50/50, because there were a lot of requests at that time, and we physically could not cover them all on our own. Before collaborating with the foundation, we did not know the Grinkevichs. No, of course, we did not have any suspicions regarding money laundering, since absolutely all of our joint projects were implemented. The cooperation was short-term and, compared to our total assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is only a few percent, Koretskaya said.

The group Bez obmezhen exposes issues of cooperation with the Grinkevich Foundation. Source: instagram.com/bezobmezhen

Having specified the details, the PR manager emphasized that the cooperation stopped due to the separation of directions and vision of charity. The musicians were more involved in purchasing drones and cars for the front, while the foundation chose the humanitarian direction and helping IDPs.

As for the Grinkevich case, Lviv businessman Igor Grinkevich was detained by DBR employees for attempting to give a bribe of $500 thousand to one of heads of the Bureau. Companies registered to members of the Grinkevich family are suspected of fraudulent procurement for the Ministry of Defense worth 1.5 billion hryvnia.

By the way, Instagram recently blocked Lachen for a post about the corruption of the Grinkevichs.

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