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Secrets of winter tree pruning

Trees are an integral part of the ecosystem and perform a number of important functions that are beneficial to the environment and people.

Content< /span>Prune dead and diseased branches Adjust the shape of the crown Stimulate the growth of new shoots Consider the characteristics of the species Maintain the natural contour

Winter tree care is an important procedure that promotes health and longevity plants. Proper pruning avoids the risk of disease, stimulates active growth and the formation of a proper crown. WomanEL shares 5 secrets of winter tree pruning that have a positive effect on plants.

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Prune dead and diseased branches

Why this is important: Removing damaged or diseased branches prevents the spread of infections and protects the rest of the tree.

How to do it: carefully saw off the branches at an angle to the healthy part of the stem.

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Adjust the shape of the crown

Why this is important: Forming the correct crown improves the aesthetic appearance of the tree and the distribution of growth of branches and leaves.

How to do it: remove branches growing inside the crown or intertwined with each other.

Stimulate the growth of new shoots

Why this is important: pruning promotes active growth new shoots and maintains branching.

How to: Carefully trim the tops of branches to stimulate the growth of side shoots.

Consider the view features

Why it's important: Different types of trees may require different pruning approaches.

How to: Research the tree's individual needs and characteristics.

Keep the natural contour

Why this is important: Keep the tree's natural shape, avoiding drastic changes that might harm the health and appearance of the plant.

How to do: watch the shape of the tree while pruning.

By the way, proper winter pruning is a key aspect of tree care that improves the condition and appearance of the plant . If you stick to the basics and consider the tree's individual characteristics, you'll give it a great start into the new growing season.

In addition, trees lose their leaves in winter, making it easier to access branches and trunks, allowing for unobstructed pruning . This procedure prepares the trees for active plant growth for the spring season.

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