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Ostapchuk's wife admitted why she opened her own business and said who she registered it under

In the very heart of Kyiv in the Pechersky district, 23-year-old Ekaterina Poltavskaya, the wife of the famous showman Vladimir Ostapchuk, decided to expand her horizons and opened her own business. Not only a blogger, but also a businesswoman, Ekaterina set out on the path of independence, opening a laser hair removal and massage studio, writes WomanEL.

In her comment, the blogger shared that she chose this path because she did not want to be financially dependent on a man and did not want to work for someone else. Let us remember that she previously said that Ostapchuk fully covers family expenses.

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I just wanted to do something other than a photo blog. I wasn’t used to not going to work, and I didn’t want to work for someone. I really like massages, and laser hair removal is more profitable than manicures and the like. I'm only 23 years old! I thought what better time to try than now. There are still many years ahead to change anything, if necessary. I don't want to waste time. For me, the fear is that in 20 years I will be dependent on a man, and there will still be time for bags and oceans,

said Ekaterina.

Ekaterina Poltavskaya chose the path of independence by opening her own beauty salon. Source: instagram.com/poka.tya

Fans of the couple were wondering who the new business was registered to. Answering this question, Ekaterina not only did not hide the information, but also confidently stated that the salon is her property. Thus, the young entrepreneur turned out to be not only talented in the field of social networks, but also a successful owner of a fashion business in the capital.

By the way, Ostapchuk’s beloved recently forced him to buy her a gift for 60 thousand UAH.

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