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Drop of sobriety: preventive collaboration of the HUIZIT brand and the Drugstore project

The Ukrainian brand HUIZIT and the non-profit educational project Drugstore have released a unique drop SOBER for the month of sobriety, says WomanEL.

Drop of sobriety . Source: Instagram

The collection includes designer T-shirts in black, white and pink with fluorescent print. As a gift for each product, the drugstore provides electrolytes that are involved in all vital processes. They provide quality sleep, good immunity, stable mood and generally normal functioning of the body.

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Electrolytes are a collection of minerals that are important for regulating fluid balance in the body, levels acidity, pressure, maintaining the nervous system and muscle function,

explained in the educational project.

Collaboration of the brand HUIZIT and Drugstore project. Source: Instagram Collaboration of the HUIZIT brand and the Drugstore project. Source: Instagram

As HUIZIT noted, January is the month when in different countries around the world people choose #dryjanuary as self-care. That is, for a month they give up alcohol and everything else that interferes with being sober. This cool and useful initiative inspired the creation of the SOBER preventative drop.

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