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Anna Zavalskaya from the Alibi group showed what she looked like at 21

41-year-old Ukrainian singer Anna Zavalskaya, who was a member of the Alibi group, supported the flash mob “Show yourself at 21”; she shared footage from 20 years ago with Instagram subscribers, reports WomanEL.

I turned 21 during the heyday of the pop duo “Alibi”. This year we shot a video for the song “From a Clean Slate,”

Alexandra Zaritskaya showed what beauty injections she does The famous singer has become the global face of the luxury brand Versace, wrote Zavalskaya.

The singer also added that she doesn’t recognize herself in that blonde now, but remembers her very well.

Look at this addition on Instagram

Addition, widening Anna Zavalskaya (@anna_zavalskaya)

K in a word, a flash mob “Show yourself at 21,” in which the so-called millennial generation mainly participates. People who were born between 1981 and 1996, when cameras recorded them growing up and these photographs are already in digital form. Not all of Generation Z have turned 21 yet, but Generation X saves their pictures in photo albums.

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