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Zlata Ognevich became the official Spotify ambassador

Ukrainian singer, influencer and blogger Zlata Ognevich became the face of the February playlist “EQUAL Ukraine” on the popular music streaming service “Spotify”. This initiative is part of the global “EQUAL” program dedicated to maintaining equality for women in the music industry, writes WomanEL.

Zlata Ognevich announced her new role as ambassador on her Instagram page, where she shared her impressions of this important event. She emphasized that she is very proud to decorate the cover of “EQUAL Ukraine” and support the struggle of women for their rights in the field of music.

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Zlata also noted the special significance of the release of her EP album “I Give”, which became for her not only a musical achievement, but also a way to express your autobiography. She noted that she decided to release this album on her birthday, emphasizing the important meaning of the record for herself.

Together with Spotify Zlata Ognevich advocates for equal opportunities for women in the world of music. Source: instagram.com/zlata.ognevich

I am proud to carry the mission and message of justice and support women around the world,

the celebrity said.

As an active fan of the EQUAL Ukraine playlist, Zlata Ognevich encouraged her fans to listen to Ukrainian music from talented girls on Spotify and support their creativity.

This new role as Spotify ambassador reflects not only Ognevich’s achievement in music industry, but also its ability and desire to support all singers. By the way, Zlata recently admitted that she fell in love and entered into a relationship.

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