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Yuri Gorbunov showed how he entertains his sons

Ukrainian TV presenter Yuri Gorbunov demonstrated how joyfully he sleds his two sons Ivan and Daniil. In the photo that Gorbunov published on his Instagram, you can see how the dad is dragging the rope, and the children are riding with great pleasure, writes WomanEL.

Kids are delighted with winter activities and ask to sled at even greater speed. All I heard all day was “Dad, come quickly!” Even sooner!

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The famous couple does not often please fans with content with children , taking care of their privacy. Therefore, fans really appreciate all the photos with the boys and always comment on the warmth of their family moments.

Gorbunov’s wife, presenter and journalist Ekaterina Osadchaya, also shared photos of her family. In one of the frames she is depicted with her youngest son Daniil, who was playing on the sofa and hugging a cat.

Yuri Gorbunov showed true happiness having fun sledding with your family. Source: instagram.com/kosadcha


Osadchaya wrote, emphasizing the comfort of a family day.

Fascinating moments of a winter walk by Yuri Gorbunov and his children not only touched the audience, but also reminded them of the importance of family time and outdoor activities. These warm images have become a shining example of how family moments can warm hearts with their unique impressions.

By the way, Ekaterina Osadchaya recently shared plans for adopting a child in her family.

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