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Before giving birth: Liliya Rebrik did a piquant photo shoot

Ukrainian presenter Liliya Rebrik amazes her fans with a new pregnant photoset. On her Instagram page, the celebrity published a series of images in which she is presented in a scarlet silk outfit made up of trousers and a blouse. This stylish image emphasized all the beauty of the pregnant Lilia, and the accompanying detail was bright makeup and an original hairstyle, writes WomanEL.

However, it was not only the fashionable image that attracted the attention of the public. Liliya Rebrik revealed an interesting fact about her family. It turns out that two of her eldest daughters belong to the Draco constellation. And the future third daughter will also have a similar eastern zodiac sign. In this regard, Lilia called herself “the mother of dragons.”

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I add red to color this colorless life at least a little! The year of the green dragon, who also loves red! So I’m on trend: I attract good luck, which we all need so much now! By the way, once every 12 years we give birth to female dragons. Therefore, catch the image of the dragon mother in red,

said the presenter.

Red color and interesting facts: like Lily Rebrik makes his fans happy. Source: instagram.com/liliia.rebrik

Network reaction:

  • Lilya, pregnancy suits you so well, you are such a beauty;
  • Take care of yourself;
  • You are very beautiful!
  • We are waiting for another princess.

Noting her amazing appearance, fans of Liliya Rebrik are already looking forward to news from the star and a new addition to her family . By the way, she recently spoke about the name for her unborn child.

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