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5 Simple Tips to Survive a Boring Day at Work

There are days when you wake up and everything seems a little boring. Your energy levels are low, your brain refuses to turn on, and every task you need to complete takes twice as long. How can it be easier to survive such a working day?

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WomanEL has a simple solution and will share with you life hacks so that you end the work day satisfied and motivated.

Practice mindfulness to make work more enjoyable

Lorena Bernal, a certified life coach and founder of the event and coaching platform Live Love Better, says it's all about our mindset. “In our modern, fast-paced world, work often takes up a significant part of our lives. This is an area in which we contribute, learn and strive. However, it is important to remember that work is only one piece of the larger puzzle that makes up our existence.”

Let's explore how we can move from simply being patient to actively seeking joy and purpose on those days that seem boring. , using mindfulness and self-reflection as our tools.

“The concept of mindfulness plays a key role here. Mindfulness is being present in the moment, fully participating in the activity at hand. This involves letting go of worries about the future or regrets about the past, allowing us to immerse ourselves in life in the here and now. This practice is vital to both our professional and personal lives.”

The way we use mindfulness at work may be slightly different from the way we use it in everyday life. It's about strategy and using certain cues to shift your attention in the right direction. “You don't have to disconnect from your true self at work,” says Bernal. “By moving away from your core during work hours, you will have a harder time reconnecting with yourself later. Instead, use the parts of yourself that are skilled and passionate about your work, appreciating those qualities and being grateful for them. This does not mean that you dedicate yourself entirely to your work, but should focus on those aspects that thrive in your professional environment.

“Moreover, it is extremely important to refrain from harshly assessing your work. Every job has its own importance, and recognizing the value of what you do, without comparison or judgment, promotes a feeling of gratitude and presence.”

How to get through a boring work day easier

Think about or even write down all the things from this work day that helped you grow, Source: freepik.com

Here are Bernal's top 5 tips for increasing happiness and motivation at work:

  1. What a positive influence I am at work today? Think about your contribution, no matter how small.
  2. Where have I grown today? Growth can be found in the smallest steps. Recognize and celebrate these moments of personal and professional development.
  3. What will help me approach tomorrow with curiosity rather than fear? Changing your mindset to see potential problems as opportunities can change the way you perceive the day ahead.
  4. What aspects of myself did I bring to work today and how did they improve my tasks? Think about the skills and qualities you have used, how they contributed to your success, and what you learned by focusing on them.
  5. Praise yourself! Recognize your resilience, the accomplishments, and the obstacles you have overcome. Celebrating your successes, big or small, is critical to maintaining a positive self-esteem.

“Incorporating these tips into your daily life can make a big difference in the way you perceive work, turning mundane or challenging days into opportunities for growth and self-realization,” adds Bernal. “They encourage you to stick around, recognize your contributions, and effectively balance your professional and personal life.

What Else You Can Do

“As you finish your work day, make a conscious effort to step out of work mode. Reconnect with all aspects of yourself, not just the ones you connect with professionally. Take up your hobbies, spend quality time with loved ones, or enjoy moments of solitude. The richness of life extends far beyond our work. It is filled with endless possibilities for joy, discovery and fulfillment.

“By finding the good in every day, you not only survive, but thrive. This approach not only improves your workday, but also enriches your entire life, proving that even the most “unpleasant” days can have value and purpose. Remember, every day is a new chapter in your huge, vibrant life – embrace it fully.”

In addition, we advise you to romanticize your career more often. How to do it? Read inside.

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