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6 items of clothing you shouldn't wear in the rain if you're over 65

As you age, you may find that you become more sensitive to the elements. Changes in temperature and weather conditions may feel more dramatic than in younger years. However, experts say that with the right clothing, you can still enjoy time spent outdoors without experiencing unnecessary discomfort. And it's important for your health and well-being. How to dress in the rain if you are over 65 years old?

ContentHow to dress in the rain: avoid slippery shoes Denim is prohibited How to dress in the rain: do not wear heavy woolen items Avoid heavy or bulky accessories How to dress in the rain: do not choose leather shoes for walking Choose light layers

You can unknowingly make some mistakes in choosing clothes. But WomanEL will help you correct them and list tips that will protect your health.

How to dress for rain: avoid slippery shoes

“Shoe selection is especially important when it rains,” says Robert Lowery, vice president and administrator of Sunny Hills Family Nursing Home. “For example, slip-on shoes may stretch or lack traction in wet conditions, increasing the risk of trips or falls,” he warns.

Although they are designed for rain, this includes rubber boots. , Lowry adds. We all love our wellies, but for older people who may have difficulty with balance, they can pose a hazard. Where they are wider, even with thick socks, they allow the foot to move more freely, making it easier to lose balance.”

Denim is banned

Denim is present in most people's wardrobes. But experts say it can quickly become uncomfortable when it rains. “Older people's skin is thinner, and wet denim can chafe, leading to skin damage and even sores,” Lowry explains. “Denim also takes a long time to dry, making it a poor choice for cold, wet days. Lightweight and water-resistant materials are a smarter choice.”

Yenia Hernandez Fonseca, stylist, luxury fashion expert and writer for Margo Paige magazine, agrees. “Denim is one of those fabrics that already weighs a ton and will weigh even more when it gets wet.”

How to dress in the rain: Don't wear heavy woolen items

Wearing the wrong type of coat in the rain can also cause problems if you are over 65 years old. “Long, wet coats can drag on the ground. Having heavier material around your shins increases the risk of slips and falls,” says Lowry.

Instead, Fonseca recommends choosing a “lightweight, water-resistant gabardine longcoat for optimal rain protection, ease of movement and, most importantly, comfort.”

Avoid heavy or bulky accessories

The wrong accessories can also make it difficult for you to walk in inclement weather. This includes heavy jewelry, bulky scarves and large bags. “Make walking in the rain more comfortable by avoiding clingy jewelry and bulky bags. A soft scarf with an interesting print can add interest to your outfit, recommends Fonseca.

“On rainy days, it's best to leave the big accessories at home and opt for smaller bags and minimal jewelry,” agrees Lowry.

How to dress in the rain: do not choose leather shoes for walking

Why you should not wear leather shoes in rainy weather, Source: freepik.com

Fonseca says that even if you like to dress stylishly, you should avoid leather shoes, including boots, if it's raining outside.

“Leather is a porous material and will absorb any traces of water, which can damage its supple appearance and lead to wet feet, blisters and discomfort. Shoes with rubber trim are a much better choice as they provide support and protection with every step.”

Choose lightweight layers

When it rains outside, layers of clothing can provide warmth without trapping moisture . “There's nothing worse than being dry on the outside but feeling damp under your coat,” says Fonseca.

“Instead of heavy knits and fleece linings, wear multiple breathable layers to keep you warm and dry, preferably from natural fibers, and let the outerwear you choose do the heavy lifting,” she suggests.

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