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AI announced a beauty contest for virtual women for the first time: what the winner will receive

Beauty not only saves the world, but also becomes the engine of technological progress. Inspired by female beauty, AI, for the first time in the world, decided to hold a competition among virtual beauties and choose Miss Artificial Intelligence, says WomanEL.

As the Daily Mail writes, the social networking platform Fanvue has already announced the start of selecting participants for the upcoming beauty contest. The jury will evaluate models for beauty, social media influence and the use of AI tools by their creators.

AI announced a beauty contest for the first time for virtual women. Source: Instagram

To take part, all you have to do is submit an AI-generated image of a woman and answer a series of questions. The questionnaire will also ask about total income on different platforms, because the main goal of creating AI models is to earn money through social networks.

Contestants will be judged on some classic aspects of beauty, as well as unique answers to a series of questions, such as: “If you had a dream to make the world a better place, what would it be?” Contest participants will earn points for their skill and implementation of artificial intelligence tools that are used to create their digital masterpieces, the competition organizers explained.

The prize fund will be $20,000. The winner of this beauty pageant can earn big money with a grand prize of $5,000 cash.

Second place will receive free access to a course through their Imagine program, as well as a $2,000 promotional package. The third place winner will receive a free consultation with Fanvue, as well as a $500 advertising package on the Fanvue platform.

AI model of Aitana Lopez. Source: Instagram AI model Emily Pelligrini. Source: Instagram

The artificial beauties will be judged by a panel of four judges with experience in the world of beauty, marketing and modeling, as well as the creators of the most popular AI models, Aitana Lopez and Emily Pelligrini. They will judge based on their experience converting AI images into advertising revenue.

Organizers expect thousands of participants to take part in the competition. During the selection process, the number will be narrowed down to 10. From these, three winners will be selected, who will be announced at an online awards ceremony in May.

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