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Alena Omargalieva about problems in her relationship with her husband

The famous Ukrainian singer Alena Omargalieva openly spoke about the difficulties in her relationship with her husband, performer Tamerlan. In the interview, she shared her experience of overcoming serious quarrels and crises in their marriage, and also spoke about the trials that the couple endured during a full-scale war, writes WomanEL.

Omargalieva admitted that at the beginning of their relationship, she and Tamerlan often quarreled over constant time together, because they worked together. The singer sometimes wanted to be alone, but the man kept her close. This led to tense situations in their home, so the singer sometimes went to her parents.

Tamerlan always kept me with him. I am a person who sometimes needs to be by myself, I am comfortable with myself. I was tired. It happened that it accumulated, my husband couldn’t hear me. It was a hurricane at home, there were quarrels, of course. When you see each other all the time, things get a little blurry and you just annoy each other. This happens, it's normal. I understood where I could go to get some rest from my husband, I went to my parents. Those who simply no longer have love, they have nothing to grab onto, get divorced. Tamerlan and I also had some grievances. We have passed this stage. I know that I have feelings for him, that this is love,

the star admitted.

Omargalieva spoke about the need to have time alone to maintain healthy relationships. Source: instagram.com/omargalieva.alena

The war became a serious test for the couple. Alena and her son moved to Poland, while Tamerlan remained in Ukraine and joined the ranks of the terrorist defense. The distance had a negative impact on the relationship, but over time the singer returned to Ukraine and they were able to discuss everything and solve their problems. She emphasized that she and her husband have taken many steps to preserve their relationship and appreciate having each other.

By the way, Alena Omargalieva recently released a song about true love and strong feelings.

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