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Anita Solovey revealed the main New Year traditions and trends of the blogosphere in 2024

Anita Solovey — blogger, author of the orange blogger concept and entrepreneur exclusively told WomanEL what she expects on New Year's Eve, what her wish will be and forecasts of trends for 2024 on the blog.

Tell us about your New Year's traditions and how you will celebrate the New Year today

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This year, I will finally be able to again feel the warm atmosphere of the New Year traditions that have lose relevance due to the war. Used to be united with friends and family in the big house, turning off the phones, enjoying each other's company. This
It was a special time filled with cartoons, laughter and parental care. The tradition
has lost its meaning in recent years, but this New Year I will once again gather my friends and
parents in the comfort of home. This is not just a return to the usual celebrations,
but a deep appreciation for the opportunity to spend these festive moments with loved ones.

Did you make wishes for the New Year, did they come true?

It’s not that I make wishes, I work professionally on planning and analysis. Last year, planning for the future proved to be important — Without a clear plan it is difficult to navigate. I organized a successful conference, did charity work, and rescued a dog from a shelter. Analyzing my year, I am 10 out of 10 confident. The secret is that I do not go with the flow, but clearly focus on my goals and use planning methods. It is important not to set strict deadlines — the main thing is not to give up.

What will be your wish this year?

I won’t talk about victory, because this is a common desire for everyone. Although I understand that the war is in full swing, because I have the opportunity to receive news directly from the front, I believe in the best. Therefore, I allow myself to dream about returning home and buying a new home in Ukraine. Conventionally, the 24th year for me will be a year of career, success in the media and charitable projects. I also want to improve financial literacy and
implement important projects aimed at improving people's lives.

Anita Solovey. Source: 24 Channel.

What are your plans for the next year, what new things are you planning to launch and are you going
to organize the next large-scale conference on the influencer marketing market?

Yes, I plan to hold the Orange Forum again, but for 2000 participants, because the current event made it clear that such meetings are important and necessary for Ukrainians. There are also some incredible projects that my team doesn't even know about because I decided to give them time off, but you'll definitely hear about them next year. I will develop my applications. In a month of existence, we have more than three thousand users and two launched projects — one about karma, yoga and meditation, and the other about planning for the year. And, importantly, there are already positive reviews. Our goal — bring value to people, and I am sure that next year I will be able to boast of tens of thousands of users and worldwide fame of our application.

What do you see as blog trends for 2024?

I see two strong trends that I also plan to integrate into the future of our projects. The first — uniting strong with strong through powerful collaborations. 2024 will see many new and incredibly powerful partnerships between experts, stars and specialists. The second trend — a combination of the unconnected that will reveal new possibilities. For example, a combination of psychology and football or mixing information courses with modern art. This will create interesting combinations, develop areas and increase the interested audience.

What can you give to the readers of WomanEL?

I wish you to feel, first of all, the understanding that you are self-sufficient. What you already did last year is enough. I wish you to feel that you don’t need to try anymore, you don’t need to criticize yourself or look for negativity. You are already wonderful simply by existing. Imagine that there is a point of sufficiency, and you are already at this point, where every step you take — it is just an addition to your uniqueness. Learn to be your own advocates, ambassadors, and cheerleaders for yourself. In the 24th year, I wish you to experience self-love and a sense of your own sufficiency in order to create something incredible in this world. Hugs to everyone!

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