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Anna Trincher spoke about her first and terrible dates after her divorce

Ukrainian singer and blogger Anna Trincher shared her experience with fans after breaking up with blogger Alexander Voloshin. The couple broke off their relationship six months ago, and during this time Anna had three dates. The artist said that she dated successful and fulfilled men who were much older than her and did not treat her as a famous singer. However, none of these men attracted or interested her, writes WomanEL. 

Trincher noted that she experienced a difficult divorce, so she does not want to repeat past mistakes. She spoke about her experience on the YouTube channel Okay Eva, noting that the men she went on dates with did not evoke feelings for her.

Anna Trincher talked about looking for a new relationship after a divorce and unsuccessful dates. Source: instagram.com/annatrincher_official

In these six months, I have been on a date three times. Everyone I went on a date with, they didn't know me. These are usually men 30+, realized in their business, have their own income, business, some kind of inspiring business of their own. But nothing responds, absolutely. You just sit and instantly the noise insulator turns on, where you don’t hear anything, but just watch him smile, eat, and you’re just in prostration. Most men who meet and know who I am, do it because of their personal needs – usually commercial ones, the star admitted.

In addition, Anna drew attention to another problem: some men get acquainted with her for his own benefit, hoping to advance his interests through her popularity. This experience upset the singer, but she remains determined in her desire to find real and sincere relationships in the future.

By the way, Voloshin recently spoke about his infidelities in his relationship with Trincher and gifts from her.

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