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Ashley Graham and Charli XCX tried on looks from the Kyiv brand

Fans of Ukrainian fashion have every reason to be proud, because famous personalities on the world stage are increasingly choosing outfits from Ukrainian brands. This was recently confirmed by American stars Ashley Graham and Charli XCX, who showed their stylish outfits from the Kyiv brand “Kulakovsky,” writes WomanEL.

Charli XCX, known for her extraordinary music and unique style, surprised her fans in the latest video for the song “360”, which will be included in her upcoming album. In this video, the artist appeared in a leather bomber jacket from Kulakovsky, a domestic brand that is gaining worldwide fame. This choice of clothing not only emphasized her style, but confirmed the popularity of Ukrainian fashion. This bomber jacket from Kulakovsky is available for purchase for $1,490 on the brand's official website.

Look at this addition on Instagram

Addition, expansion Charli (@charli_xcx)

Meanwhile, social media star, model and body acceptance activist Ashley Graham also I chose an outfit from “Kulakovsky”. She walked out in a stylish black set consisting of a leather top and skirt from the brand's previous collections. This image emphasized her unique style and expressed her individuality.

Ashley Graham and Charli XCX trust Ukrainian design: how Kulakovsky wins hearts stars Source: instagram.com/kulakovsky

Such actions by celebrities once again confirm the fact that Ukrainian designers are gaining popularity in the global fashion industry, and brands such as “Kulakovsky” are becoming favorites among celebrities from different parts of the planet.

By the way, Paris Hilton recently turned into Barbie wearing clothes from a Ukrainian brand.

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