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Ballet star Alexander Stoyanov got into a scandal

36-year-old Ukrainian ballet dancer Alexander Stoyanov disgraced himself because he does not intend to refuse performances of Russian works, reports WomanEL. In addition, he hinted at a divorce from the famous ballerina Ekaterina Kukhar.

In connection with the performance of the music of the Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky during the performance, it turned out that Stoyanov and his colleagues were performing on behalf of the National Opera of Ukraine. This became known from ballet dancer Christina Shishpor. Despite the fact that the National Opera of Ukraine had previously stopped performing Russian works due to a full-scale invasion, Alexander and his team chose a different path.

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Shishpor addressed all Ukrainian artists performing numbers to Russian music , demanding to stop the spread of Russian culture. She called on ballet dancers to perform Ukrainian works and support national culture.

Perform “Forest Song”, “Lily”, Ukrainian works staged by our choreographers. You charlatans, because you should be in Ukraine, and you also promote Russian culture. Please, if you have any brains, stop,

Shishpor said.

Let us note that Kuhar’s husband organized the play “Swan Lake” in Germany, and therefore became the object of this criticism. Stoyanov commented on Christina’s statement that each theater has its own interpretation of ballets and it is inappropriate to call them Russian, given the diversity of interpretations.

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He also mentioned that his thoughts on this topic differ with Ekaterina Kukhar, and noted her as “ mother of his children,” and not as a lover. This situation may indicate a divorce of a talented couple.

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