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Cinema with Dantes: 3 favorite series of the artist

If you are tired of the drab routine and cloudy weather, hot tea and an interesting movie with Dantes will help you. Singer, team captain in the New Channel show “Who Knows?” and simply handsome Vladimir Dantes shared a list of his favorite TV series, writes WomanEL.

Content“Friends”, 1994-2004″The Big Bang Theory”, 2007-2019″South Park”, 1997-today Cinema with Dantes. Source: Instagram

The star’s cinematic trio included “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “South Park”.

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I love watching these three series. They have a relaxed plot and always make me laugh. I turn them on in the background when I cook or do other household chores. Besides, I know it almost by heart. Therefore, this is definitely a win-win option,

Dantes noted.

“Friends”, 1994-2004

A popular American sitcom about six friends living in New York. Three girls and three guys are friends, live next door, kill time together and confront cruel reality, share their secrets and sometimes fall very much in love.

Their everyday life is full of curiosities, adventures and communication. Friends discuss their feelings, fears, successes and disappointments. They also try to give useful advice and support each other. More often than not, advice leads to new funny incidents, but thanks to this, the series becomes even more realistic and fun.

“The Big Bang Theory”, 2007-2019

The series follows the lives of two young talented physicists, Leonard and Sheldon. They consider themselves “great minds who understand how the universe works.” But their genius does not help them communicate with people, especially women.

Everything begins to change when the beautiful Penny settles next door. Leonard begins to become interested in her, but Sheldon realizes that his friend's dreams were not destined to come true. In turn, Penny thinks of them as cute scientists.

South Park, 1997-today

The satirical animated series is coming to screens since August 1997 and to this day remains the most popular television show on the Comedy Central channel.

“South Park” is an interesting, but sometimes surprising cartoon story about third graders living in the small town of South Park. Very adult animation with bright elements of grotesque, outright farce and parody. Everything together is seasoned with music, black humor and all sorts of devilry.

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