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Clear Signs There Are Mice Hiding in Your Garage

How can you tell if you have mice in your garage? Pay attention to sounds and external signs. Have you heard strange noises coming from your garage? Or perhaps you've noticed scuffs, holes, or a musky odor? These could be signs that mice are hiding in your car's designated hiding place.

ContentHow to tell if you have mice in your garage: pay attention to these signsWhy take it lightly?

These pests can appear anywhere, even if the place is spotlessly clean. They only need food and shelter; your garage most likely has both. If you store food in the garage, it's like hosting a banquet for mice and other creatures. An unused car or an untouched corner gives them the perfect place to hide, writes WomanEL.

How to understand that you have mice in your garage: pay attention to these signs

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The most obvious signs of mice in the garage, attic or home are droppings and strange noises. If you find mouse droppings in your home, they will likely be no larger than a grain of rice and about 6.3mm in length. They are black when fresh, but over time their color fades and becomes dark brown.

As they accumulate, you may notice a musty odor. Mouse urine smells even worse due to the presence of pheromones. It has a strong, pungent odor, so it’s hard to miss. You may also notice small holes in food bags, cardboard boxes, and other items in your garage. Any crack the size of a pen is large enough for mice to pass through.

In some cases, rodents may build nests under floors, behind appliances, or in hollow walls. Other signs of mouse infestation may include greasy scuff marks on walls, rustling or scurrying sounds, and scratches.

Why take this lightly?

The big problem is that mice can begin mating at 10 weeks of age and give birth to pups as early as 20 days later. If you don't catch them early, you can end up with a pest infestation in no time. If something seems off, take immediate action.

For example, you can use mint, cayenne pepper, or onion to humanely get rid of mice. The smell can repel mice. Poison is not a good option if you have children or pets. Alternatively, you can use mouse traps, although these can cause them suffering.

But if you have a big rodent problem, you may need to call the professionals.

Rats are another problem which you want to avoid. To scare them away, grow these plants.

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