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Correct propaganda from Oleg Skripka: to fight or not?

The leader of the “VV” group, Oleg Skripka, believes that it is wrong to catch people as part of mobilization. Instead, there must be proper propaganda, writes WomanEL.

The 59-year-old musician shared his thoughts on the YouTube channel «In Bed». Oleg said that the choice – to go or not to go to the front line – should remain with each person.

Despite the laws, each person decides for himself, we have a democratic society,

the artist noted.

Correct propaganda from Oleg Skripka. Source: Instagram

The frontman emphasized that there are musicians like his guitarist who went to the front line from day one and cannot perform. And there are musicians who volunteer and go to the front line with concerts.

According to Oleg, catching people is wrong, but there must be “correct propaganda.” He believes that every person should decide whether to fight or not.

Skripka also noted that he will soon turn 60 years old. And he himself can decide whether to go to the front. The star has small children, they will decide whether to go to the front line…

Earlier, Oleg Skripka created a musical epic using AI.

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