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Creative doubts: why Alexander Kobzar wants to end his acting career

The talented Ukrainian actor, and now also director Alexander Kobzar, has more than 100 roles and the title of Honored Artist. But now Alexander is overwhelmed with creative doubts about continuing his acting career, says WomanEL.

As Channel 24 writes, today life, family and work come first for Alexander Kobzar. More often the star can be seen in the theater.

Creative doubts of Alexander Kobzar. Source: Instagram

The theater saved me from the beginning of the war and is saving me now. If I hadn’t had a job in the theater, I don’t know how I would have survived. Perhaps I would have gone to work outside my specialty altogether. In this difficult time, perestroika took place in our theater,

the actor shared.

But whether it’s worth returning to acting in Ukraine, Alexander very much doubts it. Perhaps he will continue to direct or produce to realize certain ideas.

Me It will be hard to film now. I don’t know when I’ll enter the frame. I have already prepared that I will end my career as a film actor in this country. I'm ready inside. Now I can’t get into the frame of a comedy or even some soap series. It’s very hard for me internally. It hurts me,

the artist admitted.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Alexander Kobzar remained in Ukraine and did not sit idle. Therefore, we hope to see our favorite actor on the screens with new interesting projects.

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