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Dark Secrets: Why Taylor Swift Is Accused of Performing Satanic Rituals

Boyzone star Shane Lynch has accused Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and Beyoncé of “demonizing” and has now claimed that the singer performs satanic rituals in front of fans.

The former member of the boy band , who joined Boyzone aged 17, became a committed Christian in 2003 and launched the Amen label with wife Sheena White, which includes Amen Shoes and Amen Inspired By Perfume.

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He speaks openly about his beliefs, and in last year on the Premier Christian Radio podcast called Beyoncé and Sam “very demonic.”

Now the star, who is the brother of B*Witched twins Kiwi and Edel Lynch, claims that Swift's music 171;dangerous» and that she performs demonic rituals at her concerts in front of thousands of fans, reports WomanEL, citing a METRO source.

The man says that Taylor performs two or three different demonic rituals with pentagrams on the ground, and that people perceive this as «art».

Shane Lynch/Taylor Swift. Source: WomanEL.

He added that a lot of popular music, especially hip-hop, has a lot of hidden satanic and a lot of evil in it, including the beats.

Recall that Boyzone ended their 25-year career after their last tour in 2019.

Note that this is not the first time the Grammy winner has been accused of demonic rituals: last year, MAGA champion Hank Kunneman accused her of promoting Satanism at his concerts.

Swift recently set a new record . Find out more in this material.

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