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Dasha Astafieva did the splits and showed off her stretch: Dantes is shocked

Ukrainian singer and model Dasha Astafieva surprised her fans with incredible flexibility and skills in acrobatic tricks. The 38-year-old artist demonstrated her skills by doing a side split and performing a cartwheel, writes WomanEL.

On her blog, Astafieva published a video from the dressing room, where singer Vladimir Dantes was also present. She was dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothing and a headscarf, and her impressive acrobatic skills aroused Dantes' surprise and admiration. After Dasha did her tricks, the singer helped her get up. The artist herself shared her humor with subscribers in the caption for the video.

Dasha Astafieva demonstrates amazing flexibility and acrobatic abilities.Dasha Astafieva demonstrates amazing flexibility and acrobatic abilities. Source: instagram.com/da_astafieva

We're flying well on Monday… Have a good week, everyone

noted the star.

Dasha's fans and friends actively commented on her publication, leaving jokes and emoticons:

  • How to stop watching? I've already watched it 10 times;
  • Why is this so funny? Dasha, you are awesome;
  • Wheel of fortune. Something snapped inside me;
  • When he said he loved acrobats.

Look at this addition on Instagram

Additions, expansions Dasha Astafieva (@da_astafieva)

Ukrainian singer Dasha Astafieva continues to amaze fans with her talents and ability to give positive emotions, amazing the audience. By the way, she recently explained her lack of children.

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