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Digitized by war: The Ministry of Defense entered all potential conscripts into the electronic system

As part of the updated law on mobilization, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine relaunched the Oberig electronic system. The digitized data of men of military age has been streamlined, and in the future the task is to digitize the entire mobilization process, writes WomanEL.

As Deputy Minister of Defense Ivan Gavrilyuk noted, 23 million requests were made in the system to update citizens’ data.

Digitized by war. Source: pinterest.com

Most regions have successfully established the process of entering data on the status of passing VLK commissions. However, to ensure even greater efficiency and transparency, we plan to increase the capacity of the teams working in the TCC and SP, and digitalize the entire process of the mobilization campaign for each citizen. Our goal is to ensure transparency and efficiency of every step of this important process,

said Gavrilyuk.

Currently, the Oberig system is integrated with the State Tax Service, the Ministry of Justice, the State Border Service, the Ministry of Education, the State migration service and judicial administration.

Earlier we wrote that demobilization was cancelled: the Rada supported the updated bill on mobilization.

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