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“Diya” launches a beta test for educational documents: how to take part

Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov announced the launch of a new electronic service in the Diya application. Now users will be able to store educational documents, writes WomanEL.

“Diya” is launching a beta test. Source: Instagram

You will no longer need to look for a diploma at home and ask your parents to send it by mail. When applying for a job, you will not need to keep a folder with diplomas, but when entering the Western Military District with certificates. Even if you went abroad, everything is convenient and at your fingertips – in Dii,

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The Ministry of Digital Transformation is launching a beta test on the use of educational documents in “Dii.” All interested citizens of Ukraine over 14 years of age who have a verified tax number can take part in it. During beta testing, you should evaluate:

  • all educational documents are reflected;
  • whether the data is correct in them;
  • whether there is enough information to confirm the document ;
  • were there any difficulties at any of the stages;
  • or was everything clear.

Information about educational document attachments is not provided at this stage of implementation . You can register for the beta test using the link.

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