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Do not leave clothes in dry cleaning packaging for long periods of time. That's why

Storing clothes is not such a simple matter. You can't just throw things in a bag and put them in the closet. In fact, mistakes like these can ruin your clothes. Armed with the knowledge of how to properly store clothes, you can prevent pests, stains, mold, etc. from damaging your items while they are stored in your closet.

ContentHow to properly store clothes after dry cleaning: remove the plastic coverHow to protect clothes without using plastic

As WomanEL found out, plastic films after dry cleaning are not the best material for long-term storage of clothes. They can retain moisture, which can lead to mold. In addition, this packaging also contains a chemical that can give your clothes a yellow tint.

How to properly store clothes after dry cleaning: remove the plastic cover

Dry cleaners cover clothing with plastic to temporarily protect it. Covers should only remain on top of your clothes until you can hang them in your closet, as they are not designed for long-term storage of clothing. This plastic coating is not breathable, making the inside of the bags a potential breeding ground for mold.

Additionally, even dry cleaned clothing may contain some moisture due to the cleaning solvents that businesses use during the steaming and ironing process they undergo. This moisture cannot escape if it is trapped in the plastic for a long time.

In addition to the risk of mold growth, the plastic coating you get from your local dry cleaner likely contains butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). It is a preservative that may cause your clothing to yellow after contact with air pollutants or moisture.

If BHT causes yellow stains on your dry clean only clothing, you will need to take it back to your local dry cleaner to have the stains removed. This can be a costly and time-consuming process. To avoid these complications, it is necessary to remove the plastic covering as soon as possible.

How to protect clothes without using plastic

Fabric clothing covers, especially cotton ones, are much better for storing clothes than plastic ones, Source: freepik.com

If If you need to dry clean your clothes, but want to avoid damaging your clothes by placing them in plastic for dry cleaning, you have several alternatives. Consider asking your local dry cleaner not to use plastic on your clothes, or bring a cotton garment cover instead.

Unlike dry-cleanable plastic, a cotton garment cover will allow your clothes to breathe. You can purchase it on Amazon. If you want to save money, you can also use an old cotton sheet. Simply cut a hole in the center so you can thread the hangers through the sheet. This protective layer will protect your clothes from dust and debris without trapping moisture.

Do you have microfiber cloths? Are you sure you are washing them correctly? Double-check yourself.

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