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Dungeons & Dragons: Lego will release a unique construction set for the game's 50th anniversary

To the 50th anniversary of the game “Dungeons & Dragons” Lego has created a 3,745-piece set developed in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast. The main thing was a huge red dragon, the legendary creatures of the game are also presented: myconids, a beholder and a displaced beast, says WomanEL.

Dungeons &amp ; Dragons. Source: Instagram

As The Verge writes, “Dungeons & Dragons” is based on a design by Lucas Bolt that was approved in January as part of the Lego Ideas competition. The set includes:

  • an inn on the river bank, located near an ancient fortress;
  • a watchtower;
  • a dungeon.

There are also 6 Lego minifigures: an orc robber, a dwarf fighter, an elf wizard, a human thief, a bard and a dwarf cleric. You can also use the parts to create monsters: skeletons, a gelatin cube, an owl-bear, a displaced beast, a large red dragon and other creatures.

The legendary set is waiting for its fans… Source: Instagram An adventure book based on the game. Source: Instagram

The Lego Design team has reproduced the original Bolt model, but added removable roofs and a few new parts. Lego will also release an adventure book based on the game, which will be available both physically and digitally. The cost of the designer is $360.

Previously, the vampire family Cullen became part of the Lego world.

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