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Electricity tariffs will increase significantly in Ukraine

Soon, Ukrainians should prepare for a rise in the price of electricity, as tariffs are planned to double from current figures. This was reported by Sergei Nagornyak, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services, writes WomanEL. 

According to him, political will is needed to liberalize electricity tariffs for the population, which is now subsidized by state-owned companies worth about 120 billion hryvnia.

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Nagornyak pointed to pressure from international partners, in particular a letter from the White House to the Ukrainian authorities demanding reform of the energy sector. He noted that the liberalization of gas and electricity tariffs should be completed by September 2024.

Ukrainians are preparing for higher prices for electricity : tariffs will already double. Source: zn.ua

Regarding the expected price increase, Nagornyak noted a likely increase in cost by approximately doubling, which will bring the electricity tariff to almost 6 hryvnia. Now the tariff for the population is 2 hryvnia 64 kopecks, but even after the cost increases, it is important to leave subsidies for those who cannot afford the payment.

Nagornyak called on the state and international partners to support those in need of help, at the same time understanding that the government cannot subsidize all citizens without exception. According to him, such a step is important for effective reform of the energy sector in Ukraine.

By the way, the Ministry of Health recently stated that Ukraine is preparing for a new pandemic.

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