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Elena Zelenskaya appeared on the cover of a Slovenian publication and told why Ukraine should win

46-year-old Elena Zelenskaya again amazed the world with her dignity and elegance, appearing on the cover of the Slovenian publication OnaPlus, writes WomanEL. Her image was unsurpassed – she appeared in a black business suit, complementing the outfit with a brooch in the shape of a spike of wheat, which she attached to her jacket.

The First Lady of Ukraine gave an interview to a magazine in which she draws attention to a pressing problem &#8212 ; helping children who have become victims of war. She called on other countries to make greater efforts to return illegally deported and forcibly displaced Ukrainian children, as well as to bring those responsible to justice.

In addition, Zelenskaya said why Ukraine should win, so that this does not happen again anywhere and ever.

The victory of Ukraine is needed by every normal person in the world if he wants to remain humane and live in safety.

The wife of the President of Ukraine never ceases to demonstrate her strength and firm belief in the best future. Her steps to support and defend the dignity and human rights that she represents on the international stage are very important.

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