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Excitement on the Internet: Kourtney Kardashian unveils a disturbing photo

The other day, 44-year-old businesswoman Kourtney Kardashian excited fans by posting a photo on Instagram with a broken limb, reports WomanEL.

She showed her followers on social networks a series of photos that allowed a glimpse into her intimate family life with four children and husband Travis Barker.

Courtney heals milk. Source: Instagram

But one photo didn't paint such a happy picture for her brood, as it hinted that there was an unfortunate incident in their family.

Courtney, who is mom to four-month-old Rocky, nine-year-old Reign, and 11-year-old Penelope and 14-year-old Mason, shared an X-ray of her broken arm. The image shows a broken forearm bone.

Broken forearm bone. Source: Instagram

The mother of four did not say who was injured, but fans immediately began to panic. They began to wonder whose it was, with many fearing that it was baby Rocky who had broken the bone, before others pointed out that the limb was too large to be his.

Note that the famous family recently returned to the US after an eventful day of fun traveling to Australia, where Travis toured with his band Blink-182.

Courtney's family traveling to Australia. Source: Instagram

Despite the absence of her eldest son, who did not join them on vacation, Kardashian was happy to spend time with her children.

It was previously reported that Kourtney purchased a crib at an eye-popping price — see photo here.

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