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First photo: what “Bachelor” Mikhailyuk and model Dasha Khlystun named their baby

Max Mikhailyuk and Dasha Khlystun, popular Ukrainian stars, have just declassified the name of their newborn son, who is of ancient Greek origin. This news pleased the couple’s fans, who were looking forward to this moment, writes WomanEL.

It turns out that choosing a name for a child turned out to be a difficult task for young parents. Dasha and Max carefully chose among various options, sorting through and discarding them, until they settled on the name Dimitri. The couple explained that they were not trying to create intrigue around this issue, but were looking for the perfect name for their boy.

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I would like to finally say the name of our son. We were confused and took a long time to choose a name. This time it was very difficult. At the maternity hospital they gave him Theo. When I was pregnant, I thought that I would be born – Amir. But in the end, we have Dimitri

Dasha reported.

Popular Ukrainian couple Max Mikhailyuk and Dasha Khlystun revealed the name of his newborn son. Source: instagram.com/dasha_khlystun_

The news was accompanied by the first photo of the baby in a striped bodysuit. And recently the couple released a video from the maternity ward. In the video you can see happy parents, a joyful moment of meeting mother and son, as well as first meetings with an older sister. Max Mikhailyuk and Dasha Khlystun noted that their family now consists of four members and they are ready for new challenges and joys of fatherhood.

The couple already has a 2-year-old daughter, Ariana, born in 2021. They surprised fans with their openness and sincerity, sharing the joyful moments of their lives, including his transformation into parents.

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