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For safety reasons: will the beach season open in Kyiv?

The Kyiv City State Administration recalled that with the introduction of martial law in all regions of Ukraine, for security reasons, restrictions established by local state administrations apply. In particular, visiting forests and navigating certain watercraft on water bodies are prohibited. Visits to certain tourist routes and sites are also limited or prohibited, says WomanEL.

As reported by the Kiev City State Administration, residents of the capital are advised to refrain from visiting the beaches. There are no plans to open the beach season in Kyiv this summer. The corresponding decision was made by the permanent commission on technological and environmental safety and emergency situations.

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As in the previous two years, citizens are not recommended to visit beaches and recreation areas to avoid crowds people, which will prevent their unhindered access to shelters and storage facilities during an air raid,

the message says.

Specialists will perform seasonal work necessary to maintain order and sanitation in beach areas and recreation areas. We are talking about maintaining utility networks, cleaning and sanitizing areas against insects.

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