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From card to card: will money transfers for the population be banned in Ukraine?

Recently, information has begun to appear in the press about restrictions on money transfers from card to card in Ukraine. Member of the Council of the National Bank Vasily Furman gave the first clarifications of the situation and told the details, writes  WomanEL.

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Indeed, they are preparing to limit money transfers in Ukraine, but only for unscrupulous entrepreneurs. The population will continue to be able to transfer funds from card to card, as is happening now. Vasily Furman, on the air of the United News telethon, noted that the restriction of money transfers will affect entrepreneurs who do not pay taxes and conduct business in the gray.

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Tax evasion schemes are implemented using drop cards. That is, one person transfers to another for little money a card issued in her name. And this person, having received such a card, uses it as he wants. At the same time, the real card holder does not even know what kind of money circulation there is. Therefore, this is illegal,

said Furman.

The National Bank is now deciding an issue that will further limit money transfers between some citizens.

Any changes to transfers, if introduced, will potentially affect a narrow circle of people. They will in no way affect the usual current transactions of Ukrainians with cards,

assured Vasily Furman.

According to preliminary information, the restriction will apply to both the number of transactions and the amount of funds transferred. Vasily Furman noted that certain banks have already introduced such restrictions, but most Ukrainians did not even notice this. The banker emphasized that the changes should not affect the financial transactions of citizens with bank cards.

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