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From drying to styling: useful tips for using a hair dryer for curly hair

Proper care is important for neat and stylish styling. To avoid damage to the ends, you should use Babyliss hair dryers with a powerful motor and protection from high temperatures. And following the basic rules of drying will protect curly hair from damage and look flawless.

ContentDry your hair immediately after washing Set a low temperature and maximum speed Follow the rules of care Use a diffuser Thoroughly dry the occipital root zone Direct the air flow along the hair growth

Dry your hair immediately after washing

Excess moisture negatively affects the condition of the hair – it loses its shine and natural radiance, and fragility also increases. To preserve the beauty of your strands, it is important not to delay the drying process until later, but to begin this step immediately after cleansing the scalp.

Set low temperature and maximum speed

This is one of the main reasons for buying a professional hair dryer, which is capable of creating a powerful directed air flow. Due to this, installation will take almost half the time. At the same time, it will be possible to prevent drying of the hair, maintaining its natural volume and shape of curls.

Follow the rules of care

After each wash, be sure to apply a mask or conditioner, which makes combing easier, makes curls manageable and provides moisture and nutrition. It is useful to follow other recommendations:

  • before drying, thoroughly pat your hair with a towel to remove excess moisture;
  • use a comb made of soft materials, with flexible, wide teeth;
  • Be sure to apply a heat-protective spray along the entire length.

For textured, pronounced curls, you should use special formulations for curly hair: creams, fluids, liquid crystals, gels.

Use a diffuser

This is a special nozzle that helps distribute air flow evenly throughout the head. It allows you to create perfect curls effortlessly. When drying, keep the diffuser at a short distance from the roots and actively move the hair dryer over the entire head, without lingering on individual areas, so as not to overdry them.

Dry the occipital root zone thoroughly

This part usually does not receive enough attention, which deprives the styling of neatness . The following tips will help you avoid this:

  • use a round comb and lift the strands so that nothing interferes with the free movement of hot air currents;
  • increase the temperature and set the maximum intensity;
  • carefully dry the root zone on the back of the head until the moisture is completely removed.

But it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the curls will quickly thin out, become brittle and unruly.

Direct air flow along hair growth

This The rule is relevant for porous and frizzy strands. At the first stage of drying, the root zone is treated, after which the installation is completed with air directed from top to bottom. But this option is recommended only when using a standard nozzle. When using a diffuser, they do the opposite – they dry the hair from bottom to top.

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