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Half-naked Rita Ora showed off her breasts in all their glory

Rita Ora is no stranger to turning heads with her scantily clad look, and on Monday the star wore another stunning outfit as she left her hotel after the 2024 Met Gala.

The 33-year-old singer refused from her bra and stepped out in public in a completely transparent dress with feathers, writes WomanEL, citing a Daily Mail source.

Showing off her ample cleavage, Rita joined her proud husband Taika Waititi, who watched as she posed in in her revealing look.

Adding a touch of glamor to the look, Ora's revealing dress was paired with a large white feather wrap. The skirt consisted only of strings of white plastic beads with a few large flowers to maintain a little modesty.

Rita Ora Nude. Source: DailyMail

The husband, who always supported his wife, was dressed in a pale blue suit, and stood to the side to make sure Rita was the center of attention.

The star's revealing outfit was hard to miss, wasn't it? is it?

Earlier, Rita said that she was preparing to become a mother.

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